Rafael Beltrán Auxó

Our office was founded 134 years ago

Our office was founded by my great grandfather Rafael Beltrán Auxó. Son of a republican leader Gaspar Beltrán Mayor (my great great grandfather), he was born in 1856 in Alicante and founded the office of Beltrán Abogados in 1878, 134 years ago. My grandfather Pedro Beltrán de la Llave followed his path being a Deputy Mayor in the historic Town Hall of Alicante during the Second Republic. My beloved and appreciated father Rafael Beltrán Dupuy followed my grandfather.

When Rafael Beltrán Auxó turned 41, he was the President of the Provincial Government of Alicante and then Member of the Spanish Parliament and the Senator for the Liberal Party till the end of his days. He had the best law firm in Alicante compared to all other firms. His grandson, Eliodoro Gras Beltrán is 96 now and still alive, tells us that his grandfather was an extremely hard working person and worked day and night.

He had a secretary to whom he dictated his work. The secretary´s name was Boladeras. My grandfather often felt inspired at nights and so he bought an apartment for his secretary close to his house. At three in the morning my grandfather would wake up his secretary and would dictate all the bright ideas that he had on his mind. This happened during most of the nights and poor Boladeras hardly ever slept.

When the priest came, he told him: “excuse me but there is a deadline to finish this document and I could not allow this poor man to lose his rights because I failed to fulfill my obligations…”

Rafael Beltrán Auxó

Eliodoro Gras Beltrán Aalso tells us that when his grandfather´s health had gone so poor and it was announced that he may probably die the same day, a priest was called to give him last rites. My grandfather had the priest waiting in the other room for some time while he was in bed and was dictating to Boladeras a writing for the Court. When the priest finally saw him, Rafael told him: “excuse me, but this document had a deadline to be finished and I could not allow for this poor man to lose his rights because I failed to fulfill my obligations”. The priest gave him last rites and my great grandfather passed away, but this writing was filed in Court on time.