Trademarks and Patents. OAMI in Alicante

Alicante is the headquarter of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, OHIM. It is therefore the most important European institution when it comes to trademarks. The European Trademark Office has 700 employees working in Alicante.

Our office opened a specialized section of Patents and Trademarks in Alicante in 1996 in collaboration with the Italian firm specialized in Intellectual Property-Modiano.

Cooperation of Modiano & Pedro Beltrán Abogados

The firm of Modiano is one of the leading agencies in Europe in terms of patents and trademarks. It has 200 employees and 48 lawyers devoted exclusively to industrial and intellectual property.

The office of Pedro Beltrán has an extension in the same building devoted totally to the patents and trademarks section. The office collaborates mainly with the OHIM and the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Questions concerning European patents and registration of trademarks in other countries other than Spain are sent directly to the main office of Modiano in Milan.

The office in Milan also has a technical department patent with a worldwide service and possibility of registering trademarks and patents in virtually all of the 195 countries in the United Nations. In fact, the Milan office has clients such as Armani who decided to protect the trademark worldwide and prevent unauthorized use of it.

The lawyers of the office and Pedro Beltran Gámir have great technical skills and many years of experience that allows us to deal with all sorts of questions and trials related to the intellectual and industrial property.

The OHIM of Alicante was established in Alicante in October of 2004 and since then we have been in constant mutual collaboration.

Here we are not talking just about an industrial property agency. The office combines the functions of an industrial property agency and a law firm. The vast experience in handling civil and criminal cases related to the trademarks and patents makes this office an excellent option to handle any case in the Trademark Court in Alicante.

We also established a specialized computer system between the central office and the office of Milan with common databases. Therefore, we are always able to provide rapid response to any issue or question raised by our clients.

The OHIM trials began in June 2000. These trials are held in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, the five official languages ​​of the OHIM. The claims must be in two languages ​​and the defendant may choose in which language the trial will be held. Pedro Beltran's office is able to offer legal services in all of these five official languages.

The Trademark Court will extend its jurisdiction to the entire country and will depend on the Provincial Court of Alicante. The seat of the Court is located on the fifth floor of the Alicante Provincial Court and will function with a chamber president, two judges and a team of eight people.