Pedro Beltrán Gamir

Pedro Beltrán Gamir

He began his professional career as a lawyer at the age of 22.

At the university he obtained the best grades of his promotion, with excellent grades in all subjects. He has 28 years of experience dedicated intensely as a lawyer in Alicante.

He is president of the Association of AEA-International Lawyers Network which is the largest net of lawyers in what relates to the number of countries covered. It covers all the 196 countries of the world.

Pedro Beltrán is the lawyer of several important companies in Spain and abroad and has led some astonishing cases of economical and social importance. We can’t provide any more details because of the art. 7 of the Legal Ethics Code that does not allow to make reference directly or indirectly to their clients or the cases in which they have taking part. It is also forbidden to mention the successes or results.

Bilingual. Higher Diploma of the Official Language School and the diploma in English Commercial Law of the Berlitz School in Edinburgh.
Bilingual. Higher Diploma in French language and civilization of the University of Sorbonne in Paris. He has translated from French into Spanish several legal texts and the book La Fuerza del Destino of the Romanian musician George Balan
High level. Higher Diploma, including the fifth and last course, of the Official Language School, higher diplomas of Inlingua Munich, Inlingua Lucerne and Inlingua Salzburg and the Silingua-Wagner academy in Bayreuth.
High level. He has given conferences in Italian, amongst other places in the International Music Congress in Rome in 1994, where he was a speaker. Italian is his work language with the Modiano Patents and Trade Marks Office in Milan, which is part of the office.
Medium level.
Medium level. Diploma in Portuguese given by Berlingua School in Alicante.
He has a diploma in Elementary Dutch of the Inlingua school in Amsterdam.